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Here’s how you get more energy for life.


You are just one click away from starting your POWER journey! 

Just few minutes a week can unlock the giant sleeping within you, so that you can be able to evolve your inner energy and turn yourself into the powerful person you have always wanted to be.

I don’t know if this is your first time committing to getting fit and healthy, or if you’ve tried and failed many times before... But just the fact that you’re landing at my page right now, tells me one thing: 


You know for sure that there is more for you in this life, you want to have more and that you’re willing to raise your standard.




 Let's look inside:


read one chapter per week

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52steps = 52 challenges


get out of your comfort zone


leading to long term success

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Johanna H. K. Talecker

 PR & Communications Expert

Zoi's book turned out to be a much needed kick in the butt! It's an easy read that is well-structured, beautifully designed and full of 'aha' moments. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle in a sustainable manner!

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Natalie Korotaeva

UX/UI designer George Labs from Erste Bank

As a certified trainer with +10 years of experience and an entrepreneur Zoi keeps her book practical, focused and without all those long stories about “Jack from Texas” or “Susan, 34 year old teacher". Zoi answers one simple yet very important question: how can I become a person that is full of energy? (And no, it’s not a double shot of espresso :)) 

Don’t waste your energy and start reading “Ignite your inner power” now! 

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Lisa Jacobs

Brand Designer and Illustrator

After multiple failed tries over the past 10 years to develop healthy eating and fitness habits, I've turned to Zoi to try a different approach. This is exactly what I needed during the pandemic when I needed this support more than ever. What I've learned since then was that my mindset was more important than what everyone on the internet was telling me to do. I'm now not only physically stronger, but mentally as well, which has helped me throughout other parts of my life as well (For example my relationships and my business).

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This Book Is Not:

This book is NOT the next motivational story. This is also NOT about learning how to control your energy. THIS BOOK IS about learning how to influence it. After all, you can’t control everything in your life, but you can influence it, and you can learn now how to do this!

  • "Zoi keeps her book practical, focused and without all those long stories about “Jack from Texas” or “Susan 34 year old teacher”".

  • Not everyone will like it (especially those who are not serious enough about their own well-being).

  • For someone who's thinking or wishing or planning - this is about extraordinary results. In order to get them you must be ready to take actions. 


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What Can You Learn From The Book >>


Why I wrote this book:

My life's mission is help people to discover, realize and live their true potential! At a first glance as a professional athlete, I wanted to write a book about how get into good shape. Then I realized that the system I built over the last 10 years can be used not only to achieve a strong body and a good healthy psychological and physical condition. Better yet, this system can be applied to every area of your live. It doesn’t matter if you want to reshape your body, get more money, be more successful or dreaming of having … , you know, that one special thing you’ve been wishing for for such a long time. You really can have it all by just evolving one thing in your life: YOUR ENERGY.


One day, something seems impossible. The next day, it feels like it’s already happening.

That’s what it feels like when you have an energetic shift and access your healthy power.


Yes, I’m giving you my exact strategy that I’ve been working with and am still working with for so many years. 

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