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We Do It In A Community Around.

Community That Supports and Gives You The Accountability You Need Right Now!

 Why Being Part of a Tribe is Amazing? 

 I can imagine it would be a real downer...

  • Dreaming big, but can't find an ignition to actually get into action.

  • Loneliness, no one to talk to or feeling like no-one understands you.

  • Facing difficulties and danger by yourself

  • Low motivation - for movement, for work .... Just missing the sparkle ✨ 

  • Experiencing often the "I don't have it in me today."!


Heck, life can be that way even in the middle of a humongous city. Or a company. Even a work group. Or a family.

People all around you. No one there. You talk. It’s a One Way conversation.

Even when someone is listening, no one knows enough about your thing, what’s troubling you, or what your words mean, to help in any way.

But tribes. Ah, Tribes are different. Tribes are relevant. Tribes are magical. A Tribe is a living, breathing organism. The characteristics of the Tribe, the attributes of a Tribal entity are the qualities where the power really lies.

Granted, Tribe effectiveness and performance runs the gamut from beginning inexperience to high proficiency and efficiency. But from my experience as a member and leader of Tribes, here is the power I have seen first hand.

What The Power Tribe Provide


 1. Affinity 

One of the most important things our power tribe offers is “relationship”. And through relationships we can get stuff done - together! 

 2. Healthier Together 

We take care of our Health (physically and psychically). We workout together (every morning 7am EST) The Power Tribe ignites our inner power daily and helps us to transform our bodies and start feeling more confident and energetic. 

 3. Intimacy 

The Power Tribe is a close society. We become close as we work together on health & life goals, initiatives, issues, problems, projects. Here lies a great power and the ability to speak openly and completely about anything. Here you can be and you must be yourself and we will totally love you exactly because of your uniqueness! 

 4. Faith and Belief 

We have faith in each other. And a rock-solid belief that we can accomplish anything and get great things done. #strongetogether . This faith and belief in each other is what fuels the Power Tribe’s passion. There is nothing quite like working in collaboration with a group of people that share similar beliefs, have faith in each other and light each other’s collective fires.

 5. Authenticity 

Being a part of the Power Tribe means- you must be yourself. We do not judge each other. No reason to pretend. You can bare your soul. No pressure to be perfect. You can be vulnerable. One major advantage of this authenticity is that time is not wasted on pretense and gamesmanship. Instead all of the Tribe’s energy can be focused on the mission, the work, and collective outcomes.

 6. Availability 

Power Tribe members are available to each other. Someone is always there when you need them. To help with a problem, answer a question, consult, collaborate. This is an important characteristic. If someone needs help a Tribal member is but a message away. (accountability partner possibility)

 7. Dependability and Support 

We take care of each other and don’t abandon fellow members to labor on their own. There are tangible benefits for tribal membership itself. And log of science behind those benefits!

Change your energy; that's where it all begins!

 Available From  September 2021 

 The Science Behind A Tribe Community 

There is scientific evidence to support how Tribes benefit their members physically and mentally.


Being part of a community, a true Tribe by any sense of the definition, experienced half the risk of death by heart attack irrespective of eating and drinking habits.

A research (Roseto Effect) concluded that love, intimacy and being part of a tribe protected the members’ health. The cohesive community, the Tribe, was responsible for lower stress, well being, and the reduced rate of heart disease.

 Do You Want to

 Become a Valued and Accepted Member of the 

 Power Tribe? 

Know Yourself. Be that self!

Become “Special”.

Drop the Drama.

Leave Judgment In the Closet

Learn to Give as Much If Not More Than You Receive.

Become Healthier.

Feel Stronger.