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Starting Strong
Finishing Strong?

Join Me For My Last Ever 2021 POWER CHALLENGE

 This is much more than a workout! This will change your mind! You will finally achieve what you deserve. Ready to ignite your inner power? 


 Right now is your perfect opportunity to ask  yourself this question: 

"How am I going to finish 2021?"

Think about it...

2021 is nearing its end, and whatever you choose to do right now will impact how you start 2022.

So, if you’d love to wake up feeling energized, mentally focused, and in great shape, then you need to seriously consider joining me for the last ever 2021 power challenge!



And this challenge works around your life (no need to spend hours in the gym doing confusing movements, lol)...

The Power Challenge Is

Much More Than Just Workouts!


You are going not only to feel more energetic throughout the day, but sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about yourself.

And we will do it in a community around, community that supports and gives you the push you need right now!

 Let Me Ask You Something: 


2021 is nearing its end, but do you still remember the goals you had at the beginning of this year? 

At the beginning of 2021 you were so fired up, so determined to crush those goals, right?

And how many have you achieved so far!? What happened?

Do you feel like…

a) I finally want to become more focused on my goals and the things that are important to me…I want the power to take control over my life.

b) I feel stuck and want to take my life to the next level to actually make some progress…I need a change in my life.

c)  I really want to crush one last goal this year and finish this year by feeling proud of myself, but I lack motivation and also don't know how to start.

Then the Power Challenge is exactly what you need.

 Finding Motivation Is Hard! 

Finding your motivation to work on yourself, to work out for yourself can be hard… especially right now!

With the cold and shorter days the mood is low, gathering in large groups is still discouraged, social distancing seems to be the new norm, and for many individuals motivation has hit an all-time low!

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Just look at a few of the 100+ answers from a recent Facebook post asking what is the biggest challenge right now when it comes to health (mentally & physically).

“The struggle is REAL”... And there is no better way to get motivated and see results than this Power Challenge in a great community!

 We Are Doing This TOGETHER…

We are going to get stronger together.

We are going to crush one last goal for this year.

YOU Are Invited: 

 POWER CHALLENGE | Winter 2020 

 When You Join The 4-Week Power Challenge,
You'll Get: 

1. LIVE At Home Workouts


For Igniting Your Energy and Keeping A Great Shape!


I've helped so many people to ignite their power, transform their bodies and mind - at the end of the 4 weeks you will be more confident and energetic. Not only your body will become stronger and leaner, but your mind sharper and less fearful. 


This challenge is different than any other because we will meet 5 times a week live! Mon-Fri 7a.m. setting the focus of the day and raising our standards...

EVERY MORNING TOGETHER! #strongertogether

2. Power Nutrition Guide


Nutrition will play an important role in helping you get most out of yourself. 


Our energy comes from the food we eat and the liquids we drink. 

Juggling the responsibilities of work, life, and family can cause too little sleep, too much stress, and too little time. Yet even when you're at your busiest, you should never cut corners when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your body and your brain need food to function at their best and to fight the daily stress, fatigue of life and especially if you want to perform at your best- every single day!

At the end of the 4 weeks your moods are going to become more stable. You will start to feel more empowered in your daily life and as a bonus you will loose some extra kilos. 

3. Crush One More Goal in 2021


One of the best parts about the POWER CHALLENGE is the mental strength we are achieving.


I will give you a personal growth tool so that you can reach your next level and crush one last personal goal for 2021. Ready to rise your standards? Ready to finish 2021 strong and actually proud of yourself?

Imagine how you are going to feel when only after 4 weeks you achieve that thing you wished for, for such a long time? Imagine how proud you're going to be of yourself. You're going to feel great. 


You're going to finish 2021 strong and finally be proud of yourself!

4. Private Support Group


You Don't Have to Do It Alone.


Self-motivation is a difficult thing to grasp even when you're doing something you love. One of the best parts about our challenges is our Private Support Group! You'll get to do this challenge with others just like yourself who are looking to gain more energy, build healthier habits, tone their body & mind. Others, just like you, dedicated to get most out of their lives. You will surround yourself with positive and strong minded people. People that are supporting you. A community that believes in YOU!

No matter where you are starting, whether a brand new beginner or advanced, you will have the support you need to succeed!

 On top of that, I’m in the Private Support Group DAILY answering your questions and ...

You will have a private chat with me where you will be able to ask for my professional advice and help at any time. This said...


 You will have me on your side as your personal coach, with all my +12 years knowledge and experience. I will be just one message away if you need me!

  The POWER CHALLENGE will not only make you stronger physically and psychologically, but also more energetic, more powerful and finally proud of yourself!  

The Results Speak For Themselves...

feedback Power Challenge Zoi Georgie.png

This challenge is something that will be a breath of fresh air while we are also having fun working out - physically and mentally! I am sure you've never experienced something like this before (read the feedback above again). 


And just wait till you see what we can accomplish together in just 4 weeks!

If you're ready to crush one last goal this year, start your mornings feeling energized, mentally focused, and even getting in great shape, then you must register now so that we can do this together!

4-week mental & physical workouts 


 Join Now And You Will Get: 

° 4-week morning workouts for igniting your day. 

° Nutrition power guide for a sharper mind.

° A system for crushing one last goal for 2021 and finish the year strong and proud of yourself!

° Being part of a great empowering community that will support you.

 And The Big Bonus 

° You will have me on your side as your personal coach. I will be just one message away with all my +12years experience and knowledge.

(usually my personal coaching is worth 1000€ per month for a full accountability support)


ONLY €150

- all payments are via DigiStore24 - 

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Online registration open
until Sunday 06.Nov afternoon!

!the number of participants is limited!


I will inform you asap the next power challenge is coming!