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Updated: Mar 23, 2021


But wait, shouldn’t we just chill after a long day of work? Put some deep-fried food in the microwave, have some drinks, and watch a couple of episodes of the newest Netflix series?

NO! We shouldn’t!

Sure, we deserve some relaxation after a long day at work. However, these haphazard evening routines can have serious effects on your sleep. And that’s a real issue.

Poor sleep has been shown to negatively impact our memory, health, cognitive ability and can even put a strain on your relationships and social life.

So you want to maximizing the results of your day? This actually starts the night before and constructing a smart evening routine can help you to set up a great sleep which is the number one rule for your energy to actually do stuff the next day plus mental clarity, faster metabolism and good mood.

Having a strong nighttime routine eliminates the uncertainty surrounding sleep and prepares your for the next day. The best evening routine is one that works for you and recharges you well for the next day.

Here a list with some good evening routines. Choose a habit that will add value to your morning! Once you’ve successfully done smith for a week, you should try to reflect on any differences you’ve noticed. Are you more or less productive? Does this routine makes you feel better? Do you have higher/lower energy levels?

Depending on what the answer is you’ll need to do one of three things:

  • keep going with one habit for another week

  • change to a new habit

  • add in another habit

If you’re less productive, change the habit. If you’re not noticing a huge change I would recommend continuing for one more week.

After a few weeks of experimenting, adjusting, adding and subtracting you should be in a pretty good spot. You’ll FEEL IT when you get there.

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